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Amanda Hannaford


A Bit About Me

Amanda Hannaford is a renowned Osteopath with a special interest in caring for breast cancer patients. She works as part of Northern Beaches Breast Clinic multi-disciplinary team to assist the breast surgeons in maximising patient outcomes and reduce any symptoms and side effects. Amanda uses gentle handson techniques such as massage, mobilisation, stretching and applied acupuncture to encourage tight and restricted tissue to become pliable once again.


Amanda achieved her Masters of Osteopathy in 2002 and has been in private practice in Lane Cove and St Leonards areas for the past 19 years. She also completed a Graduate Diploma in Applied Acupuncture for Musculoskeletal conditions in 2004. Amanda was a university lecturer in the UWS Masters Degree Program for 4 years and has been a Registration Board Examiner.


Amanda Regularly assists her patients with restricted shoulder movement, and the scarring and cording that may result from surgery and radiotherapy. Other issues such as costochondritis, rippling of implants and numbness are addressed, and gentle abdominal massage may offer welcome relief for nausea and constipation in chemotherapy patients. This nurturing and compassionate care helps patients to heal and feel more positive about their body during this challenging time.

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