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Elizabeth Ringrose


A Bit About Me

Elizabeth joins Northern Beaches Breast clinic as a Physiotherapist working in pre and post-operative cancer rehabilitation and palliative care since 2010. She undertook Lymphoedema training in 2013. Her initial work was done in setting up a formal service at a rural health service, and she went into private practice when she returned to Sydney.


Elizabeth has been a member of the ALA's Membership Committee since 2019 and the Physiotherapy Association's Cancer, Lymphoedema and Palliative care Committee since 2018. Elizabeth was appointed to the ALA Board in May 2020. Elizabeth is also a Yoga, Pilates and exercise instructor.


Elizabeth offers a range of services at Northern Beaches Breast Clinic to complement her Physiotherapy and Lymphoedema treatment including: dry needling, laser therapy, compression pumps, bandaging and garment prescription.

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