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  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to fill in registration paperwork.

  • Please bring the following with you;

    • Your referral from your GP or referring Practitioner.

    • Your Medicare card or details and DVA or pension card if you have one.

    • Private health fund information if you have Private Health Insurance.

    • Any recent imaging (mammograms, ultrasounds, CTs or MRI’s) and their reports.

    • A list of your regular medications including over the counter and natural medicines.

  • We are a cashless practice, we receive all debit and credit cards, including Amex and bank transfer.

Please feel welcome to bring a support person, friend or family member with you to your appointment.

क्या लाये

All appointments will vary in duration depending on the clinical scenario. Please allow up to 1 hour for your initial consultation.

As a general guide, follow-up appointments are shorter and usually last between 15-30 minutes

Your Initial appointment will include a thorough history and a breast examination including the lymph nodes 9 under the arm and in the neck) as well as other parts of the body when indicated. This may include a bedside ultrasound in some circumstances.

You may be asked to complete a short health questionnaire that includes questions about your general health as well as information specific to Breast problems including your past and family history.

Your Surgeon will review all your recent imaging and may request further investigations including specialised imaging or biopsies.

Please bring a list of your current medications if you are taking any including vitamins and over the counter medications.

Many patients will require a second or follow-up appointment to discuss results of further investigations or to discuss surgery if this is required as part of your treatment.

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