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Breast Conditions

No single breast assessment tool is perfect alone. Although there is often debate about the utility of breast self-examination, when used in combination with other breast screening tools it can be a useful way to detect early changes that lead to diagnosis of breast cancer and being conditions. Breast cancers that are detected early generally have better outcomes.

Look for any changes in breast volume, shape, or contour as well as skin changes such as dimpling, bruising, redness, and tethering of the skin.

Learn what is normal for you and perform self examination regularly (1-3 monthly) a different times of the month.

Self Assesment
Breast Cancer Journey

Prevenção e detecção precoce

A anormalidade pode ser sintomática (auto-detectada) ou assintomática (detectada apenas por meio de imagens médicas). Nossos especialistas podem organizar imagens apropriadas e educá-lo sobre como conduzir corretamente autoexames.

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