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A Bit About Me

Dr Michael Field is a clinical geneticist with extensive experience in diagnostic testing and ongoing management for families and individuals. 

Dr Field understands that genetic medicine has a unique role in disease prevention and management. Excitingly, genetics continues to provide answers and options for complex health problems where none previously existed. Dr Field strives to supports families and individuals in understanding complex genetic information to assist their health management.  He enjoys a shared decision model with his patients and believes a personalised model of care is paramount.


As a clinical geneticist his role is to ensure genetic information is appropriately interpreted with risks and impacts of genetic information equally assessed. 

Whilst qualified across various sectors, Dr Field has a special interest in the genetic foundations of familial cancer and intellectual disability. 

Dr Field currently runs a familiar cancer clinic 2 days a week at North Shore Hospital, providing care for patients with a range of tumour types including breast and bowel.


At North Shore he is also involved in speciality clinics in neuro-endocrinology, haematology and high risk breast surveillance. 

Dr Field joined the team at NBBC in 2023 offering his services and expertise to our breast cancer patients.

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