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Dr. Ahn Tran-Nam


A Bit About Me

Dr Anh Tran-Nam is an aged care specialist (geriatrician) who has an interest in working collaboratively with breast surgeons, breast cancer nurses, oncologists, radiation oncologists, allied health, and GPs to provide older women comprehensive and integrated care.


Consultations with Dr Tran-Nam will involve a comprehensive health assessment, covering areas such as other medical conditions, reviewing medications, understanding each person's daily life, and supports.  She also evaluates nutritional status, cognitive functioning, mood, and sleep.  She typically makes recommendations across these domains and provides supportive resources, including how to navigate the hospital and aged care sector.


Dr Tran-Nam works at Northern Beaches Hospital (NBH) and attends the Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer meetings there.  If she is meeting you prior to surgery, she will review you during your stay in hospital also.


Dr Tran-Nam strongly believes in person-centred care, taking time to understand individuals and their families in order to optimise independence, wellness, and quality of life. She obtained a MBBS (Honours, UNSW) in 2011. She completed her Geriatric Medicine training across inner-city Sydney hospitals and was awarded the Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in 2019. Dr. Tran-Nam is the chair of the NBH's Cognition committee.


In addition to onco-geriatrics, Dr. Tran-Nam's clinical interests include falls and bone health, healthy ageing, polypharmacy, and cognitive disorders.

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